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                      A typical day in Karaikal Iyangars manufacturing unit would be like bees gathering honey from flowers in the morning, workers revolve to make the best in progress, especially our managing partner Mr. Rakesh who has been a linchpin for the entire organization of bees. As he is always keen on effectively managing people and getting work done on time.

                     However, on a sunny morning, our managing director skipped all his vital work for three hours straight in the morning and intended to participate and lecture in a session on “ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SCOPES & TRENDS IN FOOD INDUSTRY” for students of “PERUNTHALAIVAR KAMARAJAR INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY(PKIET)” in Karaikal, as he was invited by Dr.P.Thambidurai, the principal of the institute.

                    When our managing director entered the lecture hall, he was greeted with tremendous applause by hundreds of students and their professors. He began his session by recalling his own journey of life and how entrepreneurship affected and shaped it. The entire auspicious auditorium was captivated by the aspiration and energy of his speech.

                    While lecturing he coined the phrase "success is a science, not luck" and provided a real illustration of how he achieved his goal by overcoming all obstacles via sheer knowledge and decision making rather than luck. After back-to-back discourse from orientation, business strategy to Q&A, the session ended with endnotes. The long session of three hours passed like three minutes as students flow through the stream of curiosity while lecturing. And by observing the ambiance of the student community, we can confidently state that our managing director has ignited a new serotonin rush among the student community about entrepreneurship, and PKIET students’ future may be the living testimony for that. Apparently, Our Karaikal Iyangars family values and appreciate our managing partner’s social consciousness and his intention to enlighten students by educating them that what he has learned, in this competitive, enclosed, and patent-ed world.