About Karaikal Iyangar's

                     Our story began decades ago in Karaikal, a once quaint French town. Back then we were a little old-fashioned and still charming retail bakery to produce and sell homemade sweets, bread, and savouries that were renowned for the contemporary appeal that is always added to soulful preparation rooted in traditional south Indian taste.

                     We call our production unit “Our second home”, where the best raw materials are sourced from Best Supply chain resource and treated with ancestral techniques in accordance with some dedicated desi standards that result in a distinct taste that is exceptional for our shop as every ingredient is mixed and baked in a top secretive process to ensure the exclusivity of the brand. This equation of unique taste and technique was originally formulated by our founder Shri Muthaiya with great passion and perseverance  which we are happily recreating the equated taste every day with motherly care.

                   With the leadership and innovation of our managing director, Shri Rakesh Kumar Muthaiya, we have extended our retail shops diversely in different towns with international caliber to serve thousands of customers every day through retail and online and by virtue of its nonparallel taste and world class customer experience. Our Karaikal Iyangars’ Bakery sweets, savouries, and cakes have become a geographical identity of Karaikal.

                    Our delivery wings are spread across India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari supplying to the farthest reaches on demand for our Sweets and savouries.

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