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                     Today, iyangars dumroot is very famous in Karaikal and its neighboring towns for its delicacy and piquant taste. It has its own story of evolution from conventional dumroot to the famous dumroot of town. It is prepared using a centuries-old Thanjavur-style dumroot recipe which is popular among Muslims in the delta region. Because of their culinary style and local culture, Muslims in the delta region are more indigenous than the rest of the nation's Muslims, Dumroot is one of those sweets that arose from the heart of their culture, It is prevalently called “Dhummadai” in the delta region of Tamil nadu.

                        In 2005, On a sunny day, an old aachi, certainly around 70 years old, came to our shop with their family, and she asked for a sample as she was expected to buy a bunch for her family function. She tried a sample before ordering and stated, "it's an English way of making dumroot, not our traditional way of creating it." At that time our managing director was in the shop to inspect the workflow, he inquired the aachi patiently and became curious by the way she explained the process and it appears tremendous that it may be prone to great taste, so our managing director requested the achi to visit our confectionary to teach the method of making dumroot. Old aachi accepted Without any hesitation, she came to our confectionery to educate and produce dumroot by hand, which actually delivers an unfathomable taste. Since that time, our managing director has ordered us to make dumroot following aachi's recipe. On that day, achi left our confectionery by giving a precious and priceless gift then it got its name "IYANGARS DUMROOT." Even though we never had a chance to meet that aachi but still we are quite grateful and thankful for her legacy to our bakery. Her inheritance of old recipes with our sheer baking together, reaches thousands of families every year at the time of festivals and celebrations.