"All people have feelings and values regardless of physical limitations or income level”, our managing director said in a review meeting last year. which knocked us out of our senses, when we witnessed lively that how he had been a man of his word by uplifting numerous differently-abled athletic students in Karaikal to special Olympics screening".

                 Differently-abled people face far too much prohibition in the world, and their human spirit is frequently mistreated, ignored, and tyrannically handled by mankind; just a simple dignified happy life is out of their reach, and the majority of them are cooped up in their homes, and burying their dreams beneath the finitude of disability. Thanks to Ms. Chitra Shah, the director of Sathya special School, Pondicherry and the area director of Special Olympics Bharat, for directing us to the differently-abled children in Karaikal.

               Since then, our managing director visits the school from time to time with childlike interest to see and aid disabled children. Somehow on a sunny day our Karaikal iyangars development team got a chance to visit the school with our MD, our interaction within the particular school made us comprehend the beautiful truth of love and life. The children were brilliantly woven into an intricate pattern of selfless love united by a special powerhouse called “Chitra shah” the humble and self-sacrificing director of Sathya special school Pondicherry, from there, we learned to look beyond the sham of our worldly relationship and yearn for raw and earthy bonding with the children.

             It is our Karaikal iyangars family's culture, to serve sweets wherever we visit charity homes or children. When we along with our development team cheerfully serves our sweets and snacks to the children most of them couldn’t even take sweets or snacks with their bare hands and eat, that shook our very existence, without an instant’s hesitation or delay, we called masters from our confectionery immediately to make handy toasts, cakes, and sweets that even disabled children could eat without any difficulties. It gave them the dignity they owe in the world and they ate cakes and sweets cheerfully with their own hand.

Recognizing the talents above the disabilities.

           There is a famous axiom in India, that is “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”.

           We planned to give them dignity, not only for a day but for a lifetime. When we inquired and discussed this idea, Ms. Chitra shah come up with a tremendous pathway for us, that she said “Even though they are differently-abled but still, they are distinctive to each other, most of them possess a talent in athletics and sports” not just in simple but they were Keen to achieve with ignited passion for sports, but couldn’t reach the stature, because of less recognition due to disabilities and with that its unwritten cliché that not only in policies but the talents in Karaikal hadn’t been recognized and treated with extreme partiality since the creation of this union territory. Without thinking a moment our managing director accepted to aid them, and to take the weight of their desire on his shoulders, to give back their dignity that was forsaken for years.

          We helped the number of them to screen, train and travel to the far-reaching cities with good food to attain their goals, not only for this year, but for every year to come, and in this midst now they are in a way to contest screening for Special Olympics training. There is nothing that could explain how overwhelmed, we are when seeing them reaching a great height and standing by their own leg metaphysically that God forbid physically. Our sincere thanks to Ms. Chitra Shah, the director of Sathya school & area director of Special Olympics Bharat, the district magistrate of Karaikal, and the committee for helping us thoroughly in the entire process.


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