Macarons! Bringing back the French traces of  Karaikal.

Macarons! Bringing back the French traces of Karaikal.

                Like tea and cricket by the British, the macaroon was first introduced to India by the French in the 18th century, it had been famously and prevalently available in most of its colonies, especially the Pondicherry and Karaikal in the south. There is a quite interesting story behind the French macrons, according to popular beliefs, macarons are considered to be of Italian origin, dating back to the 8th Century. According to legends, the delicacy was introduced to France in 1533 when Queen Catherine de Medici of Italy married King Henry II of France, and her pastry chefs brought the macaron recipe with them. From that point in history, macrons became very famous in French society even it was considered the sweet of good fortune in France.

               After knowing the macron’s ascendancy in Karaikal’s history, We were curious to bring back the original authentique macrons again to Karaikal. After tracing most of the cities, we acquired the authentic recipe from Mumbai. We traveled along with our masters to Mumbai and stayed for 6 days to learn this exquisite macron’s authentic recipe. With all of our efforts, we were able to reintroduce macrons to Karaikal without compromising its authenticity.

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