Nurturing young brains by "Reading corner"

Nurturing young brains by "Reading corner"

                         Learning, educating, reforming, awakening, and regulating all have one vantage point: to start reading, that’s too nurtured at an early age. It could be difficult to develop an effective cognitive function or behaviour formation after the age of fifteen. A disciplined society is established from a strong basement of well-read people. Such a society understands the political and economic clouds of the nation even in times of external subversion and will not lose its peace. In fact, a country's happiness index or human development index is closely correlated with its educated population's high moral character. We are pleased to have started a little and modest cycle that might eventually have a profoundly good effect on at least a thousand people.

                         The government primary school in Kottucherry is well known in the neighbourhood and earned its name all along the town for its dedicated staff and innovative infrastructure. It’s not a typical government school with potholes in a walking way or leaks holes in the roof, but rather a school with Augmented reality and virtual reality embedded with highly innovative dedicated staff who work relentlessly in a small environment with big hope, that the school is an ideal example for how a rural primary school should operate.

                       As soon as we had the opportunity to speak with the school's headmaster, Mr. Suresh Kumar, he enthralled us with his account of how he and his staff elevated the institution to this height despite the government's meagre and barely minimal involvement.

                       If we are about to do something reasonable this year it could be a joint hand with them and do our little humble contribution to their great altruistic journey. We made the decision to establish a reading corner at the school. We had a well-founded reason for that as well, As compared to children a couple of decades back, the young generation now has access to a wide array of leisure activities. There is intense competition between books and recent attractive and engaging gadgets for capturing children’s time and attention, especially television and smartphones. Pleasure reading furthers the development of reading as a life-long habit which strengthens both language skills and fluency. And it is widely acknowledged that the lifelong habit of reading can best be inculcated and nurtured at an early age.

                       With unwavering support from the school, we could set up a reading corner with plenty of books for children, Our managing director MR Rakesh Kumar who has been actively involved in all the work opened the reading corner with his hands on a day before Pongal with great enthusiasm.

                        We frequently hear from our managing director that "part of our aim is to produce social contributions alongside the business. According to our definition, it is what the term progressive business” means. Further to his words, we are making concerted efforts to prepare a new breed of students who will become life-long learners. To achieve this objective, we plan to establish a network of reading corners with books to inculcate and promote reading habits among children.

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